Jurand Sobiecki

Jurand Sobiecki

PhD student; University of Gdansk; SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poznań

Summary of research

I am a psychologist and medical biologist. I work on broadening my scientific toolkit by being responsible for statistical analyses, creating scientific tools, and writing publications. I am trying to be interdisciplinary staying in touch with scientific development in psychological and biological fields. I enjoy deep dives into philosophy (mainly nihilism and determinism) and evolutionary biology.

Research interests

Religiosity, collective narcissism, prejudice, cognitive dissonance, biological immortality

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Collective narcissism and ingroup satisfaction among polish adults during the refugee crisis and resurfaced abortion dispute in Poland

On August 31, 2021, after Talibs took control of Afghanistan, a new wave of refugees moved towards Europe. Some of these refugees were pushed to the P

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