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Student visited PrejudiceLab in London

Although Prejudice Lab members have tight schedules and are always working on studies, journal submissions and presenting, they also consider the lab an important setting for young people considering a career in psychology to gain information and experience.  As such, the lab had the pleasure of hosting Sarah, a 6th form student from Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle De Londres School in London, for several days of job shadowing. Sarah is interested in a career in psychology, and as she was undecided on research or clinical psych, she was referred to the Prejudice Lab as a setting where she could ask questions about both paths, and also experience a day in the life of a psych researchers. 

Sarah job shadowed a research assistant in the neuro lab for several days, while participant testing in a tDCS study was carried out. Unfortunately, because of the strict training protocol for the researchers in the neuro lab, she could not perform any specific tasks.  Nevertheless, she was eager to observe the study process with the participants, beginning with obtaining consent, then observing the process of measuring the participants heads for the electrodes and application of the study, to the conclusion when participants provided study feedback.  

When Sarah arrived at the lab, it was evident she had a keen interest in psychology. She was curious, observant, and asked relevant questions. The job shadowing prompted her to reflect on her abilities and interest re: the discipline and she seemed confident in her self-awareness and desires regarding school and career choices. The shadowing proved to be productive, as Sarah came away from the experience reconsidering her area of interest in psychology, and as well, requested written material from the university to help her gain further understanding of the discipline, careers within it, and as well, specifics about which programs were offered.  

While lab members are eager to publish and produce, experiences like this are another reason to be proud of their efforts to promote the discipline of psychology to the next generation!

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