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Australasian Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience 6th Annual Meeting

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s annual meeting  of the Australasian Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience (AS4SAN). The organisation was flawless, with experts of the field attending and presenting their most recent research findings. An exceptionally friendly environment was created instantly during the opening reception, held at the Watt Space Gallery ’s current Brain Exhibition. The exhibition is not only informative, but also fun and interactive, hosting for example a VR Brain that interested participants can walk around and learn about.

During the conference I also had the honour of presenting a recent research project, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Pascal Molenberghs and the Molenberghs Social Neuroscience Lab  at the University of Melbourne. In this project we investigated the neural mechanisms underlying intergroup threat and intergroup reconciliation using a 3T scanner at the Monash Biomedical Imaging Centre.

A panel of expert judges allocated one award to each type of presentation given at the conference (panel presentation, data blitz, poster presentation). I am grateful and proud to have been select to receive the award in the category of data blitz presentations! I truly hope that I will have the opportunity of returning to this wonderful conference many more times!

Dorottya Lantos
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